Undergraduate Program

A degree in communication studies can serve the academic and career objectives of a variety of students. An a vital component of a liberal arts education, competence in oral communication is a requirement for most positions in business and industry. A major in communication studies provides an understanding of the interpersonal and public communication processes needed for careers in teaching, research, or business organizations as well as a foundation for further professional or academic study. Students also develop competencies in public speaking, listening, interviewing and group communication as well as everyday human relations.

Students may declare a major in communication studies as an incoming freshmen, transfer student, or by requesting a change of major through the TCU Registrar’s office. In order to declare the major, current TCU students must be in good standing with the University, including an overall GPA of at least a 2.0.

Majors taking classes counting toward departmental degree requirements must take them for graded credit. Any courses completed in the department receiving a pass under the Pass/No-Credit Policy before declaring communication studies as a major, will count as University electives, but will not count toward the hour requirement to satisfy the major. Students may not receive credit toward the communication studies major for both COMM 10123 and 10133.

All courses counted toward a major or minor in COMM must be met with a grade of “C” or better. Please not: “C-” does not meet this requirement.